Service Plan Description

Not all OrderOil dealers offer service. Some are "oil only" companies. However, those dealers that do offer service will generally be happy to address any service problems that may arise. They will also likely offer heating system "tune-ups". Others may offer service plans that cover certain parts of your heating system. Each dealer is different. So, please contact your chosen dealer directly to determine what, if any, service options are available. If you do obtain service from an OrderOil dealer, then you will pay the dealer directly. OrderOil does not guarantee the workmanship of any work performed by an OrderOil dealer nor will OrderOil serve as an intermediary in any disputes, financial or otherwise.

Basic Tune-Up Service

  1. Clean fuel pump and regulate pressure
  2. Inspect all filters, connections and oil motors
  3. Seal any air leaks around door and base
  4. Replace nozzle and oil filters
  5. Inspect and adjust blower
  6. Flush low water cut-off
  7. Inspect expansion tank and water circulator
  8. Test and adjust all burner controls
  9. Clean and vacuum furnace and flue pipe to chimney
  10. Perform heating unit efficiency test

Full Service Maintenance Plan
In addition to the basic tune-up service, this plan provides you, year round peace of mind with 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on call service. You will receive labor free of charge to repair or replace the parts under coverage in these programs. Please consult the offer matrix for a list of dealers in your area that provide these services.

Equipment upgrades and new Installations
Some dealers also offer advice and quotations on upgrades and the installation of new energy efficient heating system.